Friday, 2 December 2016

Shed uploads

2016’s West End festival in Glasgow included the Ideal Hut Show in the Botanic Gardens. Contemporary artists, leading architects and designers from Scotland and overseas transformed eighteen standard garden sheds. The show included a Tartan Hut and Doctor Who’s Tardis.
Pictured left: Fittee shed in Aberdeen
Amongst the 32 short-listed finalists in the annual Shed of the Year competition were the Wild West-themed Tranquillity Saloon in Aberdeenshire, where a local re-enactment group gather to socialise,  and a renovated wheelhouse from one of the last boats to be commercially built in the county of Caithness.  Dun 25 Bunker, a restored three man nuclear bunker owned by Jim Sherrit from Brechin, was the third Scottish contender. A love shack and a converted campervan also made the shortlist.

Pictured above and below: more outhouses in Footdee.

A chicken coop transformed into a working gin distillery on the Inshriach estate in the Cairngorms National Park won the coveted title in 2015. Its site was chosen because of the abundance of juniper berries nearby.
Channel 4 TV's 'Amazing Spaces: Shed of theYear' competition has ended. 2016 category winners included a rotating shed, a working forge, an Anglo-Saxon longhouse, a Cornish cabin and a haunted chapel. The winner was judged to be the fairytale 'West Wing', an eco--retreat built for £1500.
Picured left: shed in Port Erroll, Cruden Bay.
Of interest/related;   Reforesting Scotland’s A Thousand Huts initiates hut developments and produces guidance papers on planning issues. The campaign provides building standards and advises on pilot projects.

Pictured above: 'Rust never sleeps', a container door in Port Erroll, used as website wallpaper.    Land Matters  Portsoy Boatshed

Pictured left: the Signal Inn, Cleethorpes which lays claim to being the world's smallest pub

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