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Aberdeen Harbour – the oldest existing business in Britain


Harbour and Roundhouse/Watchtower photographs; Roundhouse clock; webcams feed; Northlink ferry; thousands of people gathered at the harbour on July 1st, 1909 to witness escapologist Harry Houdini dive into the chilly water; controversy dogs Nigg Bay development; supply boats photo; links to Aberdeen Harbour official site, map and harbour/Footdee/Tall Ships photos in the forviemedia Aberdeen gallery, an article on 'The Thermopylae' in our blogspot; and a YouTube clip,'The Leaving', showing the supply vessel Stril Odin departing Aberdeen harbour ...

the oldest existing business in Britain

First established as a business in 1136 by King David 1st of Scotland, Aberdeen Harbour is the oldest existing business in Britain. North Sea Oil & Gas is the most recent of a series of industries accommodated by the port. Fishing, shipbuilding, textiles and global granite transportation have all relied on the facilities of this essential North Sea gateway.  Roundhouse webcams - live feed

Thousands gathered at the Harbour on July 1st, 1909 to witness the magician and escapologist Harry Houdini dive into the chilly water whilst chained and handcuffed. He was certainly not the first man to be chained and handcuffed in the harbour precincts. A cold and watery demise appeared inevitable for Houdini who was already a household name thanks to his death-defying feats. The minutes spent underwater only led to the assumption that the Granite City would become synonymous for claiming the life of Houdini. Then suddenly, he resurfaced, triumphant and free from his shackles. Needless to say, these exploits ensured that his shows at the nearby Palace Theatre in Bridge Place were a huge success.

Councillors have granted planning permission in principle for the onshore aspects of a £320 million harbour expansion into Nigg Bay, to the south of the city. The application sought consent for construction of the inland infrastructure including the realignment of roads and temporary construction sites.    Residents’ group Bay of Nigg, Torry: Our Concerns is protesting against the plans. The group has concerns over air and light pollution, increased road traffic and noise.

Of interest/related, research and credits due to..  Aberdeen Harbour official site  Map, more pictures of the harbour (and Fittee) in the forviemedia Aberdeen gallery  'The Thermopylae': the Great Clipper Race. Forviemedia blogspot  'The Leaving': the supply vessel Stril Odin departing Aberdeen harbour, YouTube clip

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