Thursday, 6 November 2014

One hundred weeks of Scotland

One hundred weeks of Scotland - Alan McCredie's photographic project

Image:-  Week 94 (August 2014). 'Julian Cope, idiot son of Donkey Kong, prowls the stage and holds the audience in the palm of his gauntleted hand. Bearded, peaked capped, leather-clad he ranges on stage and off, full of lightning vigour and perfect eccentricity. This is not 1979, this is not Liverpool’s Eric’s, this is not the Teardrop Explodes and the first breath of New Wave. This is 2014, and it is The Edinburgh International Book Festival.'

Alan’s book, One Hundred Weeks Of Scotland, will soon be published by Luath Press.  

A snapshot from previous features - week 72
'Thirty years ago this week the Miners Strike began. What followed was almost a year of bitterness and deep division as the Thatcher government sought, and ultimately succeeded, in crushing the power of the unions, with little or no regard to the cost in terms of jobs, lives, or communities.
In 1980, coal dug by a miner in Ayrshire, or Fife, or Midlothian could fuel the furnaces of Ravenscraig, which in turn could supply the steel to build the cars of Linwood and the ships of Clydeside. A dozen years later, the fires of Ravenscraig had burned for the last time and the final car had long since rolled off the production line at Linwood. Ships would continue to slowly slip in to the Clyde but the glory days of shipbuilding were a faded memory. During the 1980s, as Thatcherism rode roughshod over anything where the profit margins were not high enough, heavy industry in Scotland would see its iron heart ripped out, and it was the coal industry that was hit hardest.'

Week 95
'Do New Yorkers go to the top of the Empire State Building? Do Parisians climb the Eiffel Tower? Do natives of Edinburgh go to the Military Tattoo? I have no idea, but thought I would go.'

Week 96 - an inconsequential journey into the west. By train to Largs.
Week 97 - Fort William
Week 98 - North and South Uist
Week 99 - Polling
Week 100 - Still Game

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