Friday, 31 October 2014

Egged on by Hunter S Thompson and fuelled by drugs, Ralph Steadman brought a savage hooliganism to the sedate world of drawing. How come a well-mannered Welsh choirboy became a hero of America's counter-culture?

Steadman's most famous work was his illustrations for Hunter S Thomson’s 1972 cult status book 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas'. Coupled with Thompson's surreal and scorching prose, Steadman’s images capture the drug-fuelled road trip which they undertook together. The grotesque police chiefs, the famous Lizard Lounge and the timeless image of Hunter and his lawyer driving through the desert are just three of many wild images.

When required to recall the most excruciating embarrassment they have suffered in their life, most folk need to stop and reflect. That's not the case with Ralph.

Peacock Visual Arts in Aberdeen has enjoyed a close association with Ralph over the years. He has produced some fantastic etchings and screenprints in their workshops.

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